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Overcoming Overwhelm:
How to Gain Control Over Your Time
Get Assist Networking Center
3- 236 Osborne St. Winnipeg MB. FREE PARKING
Thursday, November 21st , 2019
6:30pm CST
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Thursday, November 21st
In Winnipeg
Thursday, November 21st
In Winnipeg
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Overcoming Overwhelm:
Overcoming Overwhelm:
How to gain
control over
your time
How to gain
control over
your time
We Will Show You a Step by Step Method For Moving Towards a Happy and Fulfilled Life.
- Absolutely Free!
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Get Assist Networking Center, 3- 236 Osborne

Only 50 Spots

Very limited event...

Louise Neil

Confidence-Coach specializing in helping people go from where they are to where they want to be.
A live event where Louise lays out her process to get you off auto-pilot and break-free of the habit of allowing fear to block your way.

Once we know what is going on, we can then begin to replace routines that don’t serve us with improved, intentional and growth-minded ones. Soon these become our base, our foundation towards building a happy and fulfilled life.
What You Will Learn In This Free Event:
How to Find The Confidence to Live Life As Your Desire
Learn the foundational steps to align who you are on the inside with what you do on the outside.

3 Keys to Uncovering The Next Step Towards Living Your Dream
Avoid making these massive mistakes people make which keep them stuck where they are.

How to Overcome Obstacles And Create Your Path
Learn the process to developing confidence and courage so you can implement taking massive action moving you forward towards what you want most in life.
What people are saying about Karen McGregor's training...

This REALLY Works!

Both my husband and I took Karen’ Training together last year. Within 48 hours, Tom had a talk and applied Karen’s teachings to sell $4200 worth of tickets to 25% of the audience. As well, I am now earning more money per month than I earned in my corporate job by using Karen’s tools and systems. Thank you Karen!

Jennifer Windsor ~ Access Consciousness Facilitator


I had an immediate shift in my business growth immediately after implementing the structure Karen taught me. This allowed me to quickly and effortlessly sell my programs at the end of my speaking engagements to the point where I literally have people running up to sign up. I now understand why Karen is so passionate about sharing this info - it’s because it works. I only wish I had implemented it sooner.

Carmen Dunn ~ Nutritional Consulting

It was EASY!

Using Karen’s system has greatly reduced the time and frustration in creating my programs, as well as increased the number of participants. At my last talk, 57% of the participants signed up for another one of my workshops. Thank you Karen for making this process easy to follow and fun! I am excited to see what the next few months will bring.

Nola Peacock ~ Confident Happy Kids Facilitator and Coach